Written by Herman Martir, Nations Worship Center

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we have had the opportunity to respond with love and compassion to those that are hurting and distressed.  Many lives and properties have been lost.  Things that took many years to build have been wiped away in just a few days. Many of the victims have no flood insurance.  They are asking me, “Where should we begin?”

A family of seven, who bought a dream house a few months ago, are now trying to rebuild their home with the help of volunteers.  Another family spent almost five days on the roof of their home before they got rescued.  After the storm, they went back and saw that everything was destroyed. Their kids cannot go to school because their schools are still underwater.  A pastor and his family returned to their house and church, finding them destroyed by the flood;  all that was left to do was gather things that could still be useful.  He is just thankful that he and his family are safe:

“Hi Pastor Herman, thanks for your prayers and concern. Yes, we are taking one step at a time to stand to our own feet. But I’m putting more concern on our music instruments and personal stuffs that got flooded and soaked with mud.  I am asking for your prayers that God will provide for all the losses. As for the moment, we are looking for an affordable apartment…”

The road ahead for many of these families will not be easy. My team and I are currently gathering more supplies and volunteers to help these families and others in need. Our goal is to help 15 families this month.

I want to thank HIM for reaching out to us, wanting to help these victims rebuild their lives.  We may not be able to provide them with everything they need or build them a house, but with what we’ve been given, we can help them with something that would encourage them to move forward.  Let us work together to help these families, not just with our prayers but also with our resources and show them that there are people who truly care for them. Together we will see many lives changed and cities transformed for the glory of God.

Herman Martir


How are we asking you, our global family, to partner with us?

In times like these, as our hearts are breaking for the families affected by Harvey, there is so much need that it’s difficult to know how best to help. As partners of HIM, we urge you to join us in two ways:


Wherever you are in the world, partner with us in prayer! Pray for covering over families as they evacuate; pray that people unable to flee are found and brought to safety; pray for God to show Himself in miraculous ways (provision, peace, words of knowledge, etc.) so that His name is made famous.


There are many organizations to give to as relief efforts are launched. Your gifts will help Harvest International Ministry partner with the work of the feet already on the ground, actively making a difference in the aftermath.

Which ministries are receiving funds from the HIM Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund, and how will they use the funds?

Joan Hunter Ministries in Tomball, Texas
Joan Hunter, HIM Member Since 2013
Joan has partnered with Crisis Response International bringing needed items to hurricane victims, repairing homes, offering prayer, and housing 100 people in their building in Tomball (30 mi. from Houston).

Somebody Cares International in Houston, Texas
Doug & Lisa Stringer, Friends of HIM
This ministry is sending teams to Rockport & Beaumont, two of the most impacted areas (east of Houston) to help distribute goods including food, clothes, shoes, pillows, water, and more with partnering ministries.

Nations Worship Center in Fortworth, Texas
Herman & Regina Martir, HIM Members Since 2008
Aiming to aid 15 families this month, Herman & Regina are reaching out with love and compassion to aid displaced families to face the future ahead and rebuild what they have lost.

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