Welcome to Harvest International Ministry (HIM)

We recognize that God is pouring out His spirit all over the earth and a massive harvest is ready for reaping, yet individually we are limited in our ability to do all the reaping. Together, we can do more than we could ever do on our own!

Che Ahn

Our Movement Birthed

HIM is a church planting network, focused on commissioning and launching disciples of Jesus into their destiny.

Our focus is to create meaningful Christ-Centered relationships where our members can recieve impartation from other apostolic leaders.

How does a movement begin? By following the Holy Spirit. Ten years after Ché and Sue Ahn left Maryland to come to Los Angeles and steward the coming revival Ché was told of a vision, Harvest Rock Church was experiencing a powerful move of the Spirit. People were getting radically healed, saved and encountered by the glory of God. Heavenly visitations and visions became a regular occurrence at the nightly protracted meetings that lasted for 18 months. This was revival.

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Che and Sue Ahn

Our Mission

We are a family on a mission together, Changing Lives, Transforming Cities & Discipling Nations.

Our Vision

HIM is an apostolic network committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through church planting, equipping and strengthening leaders, and advancing the justice mandate.

Together, we can do more than we could ever do on our own. We honor the work of local churches, organizations, ministers and marketplace ministers, but we believe that through being a part of an empowering network we will be able to collectively reap a great harvest.