We Are an International Apostolic Movement

What is an Apostolic Movement?

HIM is a place for leaders to network with other ministers, create meaningful relationships, become even more equipped, and receive impartation from other apostolic leaders.The reformation of the 21st century church is an apostolic movement, which is getting the biblical structure aligned for a billion soul harvest. Necessary to this reformation is recognizing apostolic centers and strengthening these centers to get them raised up and ready for the greatest revival the world has seen. HIM is a place not only to network with other ministries but also create meaningful relationships, attend conferences, and receive impartation from other apostolic leaders. HIM is a network of networks — a network of apostolic centers. Through apostolic alignment and being a part of an empowering network we will be able to advance the kingdom in mighty ways!

Apostolic Movement

Photo: Renewal in Mott Auditorium.

What is an Apostolic Center?

Apostolic Center
Photo:HRock Church,  Ambassador Auditorium.

An important part of preparing for this great harvest is recognizing and strengthening apostolic centers. Among the critical roles of an apostolic center are two-fold: to equip and train people and to launch and commission them into ministry. The leadership structure of an apostolic center follows the pattern found in Ephesians 2:20 with apostles and prophets being the foundation and Christ being the Chief Cornerstone.

Find an Apostolic Center

As an international apostolic movement, HIM is a part of a local apostolic center, HRock Apostolic Center.

HRock apostolic center

The HRock Apostolic Center equips and launches people into their destinies through its global network (HIM), its apostolic local church (HRock Church), and its international network of training and equipping centers (Wagner Leadership Institute).

HRock Church


HRock Church


For more than 20 years, HRock has been committed to serving and loving the city of Pasadena in practical ways. We believe in sharing the hope of salvation and the goodness of God with every sphere of society, awakening this generation to destiny and purpose.


Wagner Leadership


Wagner Leadership Institute


Wagner Leadership Institute is an international network of apostolic training centers established to equip the saints for kingdom ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-13)