Opportunities: Why Join HIM

There is a place for you in HIM. Our mandate is to reach all seven mountains of society and culture with the love of Jesus. We are advancing God’s Kingdom across the nations in the church and in the workplace. You can grow your sphere of influence through relationship with HIM. We invite you to see if membership with HIM is for you.

About HIM Membership

HIM is an empowering network that provides its members with meaningful relationships, accountability and support. Through HIM you will enjoy and experience the power of apostolic alignment and the advantages of spiritual covering; equipping; fellowship; mentorship; pastoral counsel; and networking opportunities with like-minded leaders at conferences, meetings, retreats and other events.

HIM Membership Opportunities


MINISTRY MEMBERSHIP is for any senior leaders applying on behalf of their church, itinerate ministers applying on behalf of their ministry or founders/directors applying on behalf of their Christian organization. The church or organization must be an active body who meet and function on a regular basis, guided by written bylaws and policies with official records of membership and accounting, and must hold legal non-profit status with the government of their country.


LEADERSHIP IN THE MARKETPLACE MEMBERSHIP is for any leaders who are actively serving as ministers, making an impact within their mountain of culture and society or sphere of influence; such as the Family, Religion, Education, Business, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Government mountains. Marketplace leaders must be recognized in their sphere of influence, having contributed and advanced kingdom-minded principles to fulfill the Great Commission. The leader would also be in current relationship with an HIM apostle, pastor or actively be involved in an HIM church.

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Member Commitments

Ministries, organizations and marketplace ministers that are considered for HIM membership must understand the roles of the Ephesians 4:11 spiritual offices and embrace the prophetic and supernatural realm.

HIM asks that all members:

Apostolically Aligned
Be apostolically aligned with the Apostle of HIM and the presiding Apostolic Team.

Annual Conference
Make it a priority to attend and experience the training and vision casting of our annual HIM conference.

HIM Contributions
Financially contribute to the work of HIM, being led by the Spirit and by grace. Give now.

Partnering with HIM

We believe in the power of prayer and seeking His direction.

  • HIM asks our members to prayerfully seek the Lord’s wisdom in how each will invest in HIM through prayer and financial support.
  • HIM requests that every ministry ask the Lord and commit to a specific amount to give on an annual basis.
  • Sowing into HIM in a tangible way helps support our mission to equip and train leaders, provide extensive disaster relief, numerous missions, missionaries and humanitarian projects that are ongoing.

We thank you for faithfully partnering with us as we encourage revival and transformation around the world!

Join the Movement

Be a part of a global apostolic movement founded on relationship, to advance God’s Kingdom.

Have a question about applying? See answers to our F.A.Q. or Contact us.