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Harvest International Ministry (HIM) is an international Apostolic Network dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God by equipping leaders, multiplying churches, evangelizing, and bringing revival and reformation to the nations. 


We're a global apostolic family. With more than 25,000 affiliated ministries and organizations in over 65 nations, HIM is actively advancing the Kingdom of God through His love and His power across the globe.


I'm Ché Ahn

In 1982 the Lord called me and my wife, Sue, to move from Maryland to Los Angeles for a great revival. But, we did not see revival for years. In fact, I joke that "the 80's were from Hades." But in 1994, we founded Harvest Rock Church, and before we knew it, the Spirit of God was moving powerfully. Nightly renewal meetings were held for 18 months as thousands of people were getting radically healed, saved, and encountered by the glory of God. 

I launched HIM in 1996 after I received a word of the Lord from respected prophet Cindy Jacobs that I was to "father" a new movement - a network of networks," created to train and raise up others. Rooted in the value for spiritual covering, accountability, relationship, and community, HIM was birthed, centered and built on Him - the person of Jesus Christ. 

- Dr. Ché Ahn, President and Founder

Who We Are

Global Summit 2025

Join us at Global Summit 2025 in Pasadena, California. Global Summit is our annual HIM conference, equipping the next generation of leaders to transform their world. Across every mountain of culture, hear what the Spirit of God is saying and receive fresh impartation for your life, family, and ministry.


Our Kingdom DNA

Apostolic Movement

HIM is a Christian nonprofit ministry operating from our apostolic center based in Pasadena, CA. Our leadership structure reflects the fivefold ministry as expressed in Ephesians 4:11. Through the power of apostolic covering, HIM provides our members with meaningful relationships, support, mentoring, equipping, and commissioning.

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Revival and Reformation

HIM is a revival and reformation movement. We are a family on a mission to change lives, transform cities, and disciple nations. Through the impact of tangible Kingdom work in mercy ministries, justice initiatives, and disaster relief, HIM is sparking reformation and widespread societal transformation in many regions worldwide.

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Advancing God's Kingdom

HIM is furthering the Great Commission through transformational missions (domestic and international), church multiplication, and marketplace ministries. We align with how God is already moving and leverage our relationships to build His Kingdom in the nations.

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Join the Movement

On our own, we have only a limited impact in life and ministry. But together, we can accomplish much more. We invite you to join the HIM family and be part of a global movement. Let’s bring in a Great Harvest together!

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Our Apostolic Ministries

HIM's network includes Apostolic Centers operating worldwide. Recognizing and strengthening Apostolic Centers is an integral part of bringing about the great spiritual harvest.

Wagner University

Igniting Transformers

Founded in 1998 by C. Peter Wagner, Wagner University reflects a new paradigm for unique training in practical ministry. “In-service” leaders are equipped for their purpose through a revelatory approach to teaching, impartation, activation, and opportunities for hands-on practical learning application.

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Harvest Rock Church

Uniting Heaven and Earth

Harvest Rock Church is a multiethnic, multigenerational, Spirit-filled church in Pasadena, CA. It is on a mission to love people into the Kingdom of God. As an apostolic center, Harvest Rock also empowers, equips, and releases revivalists and reformers into their destiny and advances the Great Commission.

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Ché Ahn Media

Advancing God's Kingdom

Ché Ahn Media is committed to advancing God’s Kingdom to see society's historical revival and reformation through media. Ché Ahn Media exists to expand the work of evangelizing and disciplining to its founder, Ché Ahn, who has dedicated his life.

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